#BuildNewcrest: Generation 2 Heir Voting

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Vote For Heir

Hope Simself
Toddler Trait: angelic (randomized)
Child Trait: Creative (randomized)
Teenager Trait: Romantic (randomized)


Jubilee (Juju) Simself
Toddler Trait: Wild Child (randomized)
Child Trait: Goofball (randomized)
Teenager Trait: Bro (randomized)


Joseph (Junior) Simself Jr.
Not Eligible For Heir
Toddler Trait: Charmer (randomized)
Child Trait: Self-Assured (randomized)
Teenager Trait: Outgoing (randomized)



Vote For Generation 2 Heir
Deadline: November 19th, 2017
Vote 1x/day
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