HoP: Chapter 31


Chapter 31


Bob and Eliza officially find out that she is pregnant. Eliza wasn’t in a positive mood about it. Bob had an indifference attitude. Bob called the restaurant to check in on their team. Everything was going well. Then Florence hung up on Bob with excitement in her tone.

Florence hangs up from Bob. Right in front of her stood a celebrity chef. Chef Gordon Ramsey was standing in front of her. And with him was t.v. personality Steve Harvey. She didn’t get a chance to greet them when Steve spoke up.

“Is Mr. or Mrs. Pancakes available?” Steve asks.

“They’re not in today. I just got off the phone with Mr. Pancakes if you’d like me to call him back.”

“That’s not necessary.” Replied Steve. “I’ll catch him later at his house across the street. We would like a seat for two please.”

Chef Ramsey was making comments to Steve while they were being seated. Florence couldn’t make out exactly what they were talking about.

Milan was prepared by Florence already when he approached Chef Ramsay and Steve Harvey’s table.

“It’s a pleasure and honor to meet you both. I hope you enjoy our restaurant. Can I start you two off with anything?”

“I’ll have the orange pancakes and and iced tea, please.” Chef Ramsay said.

“And for you?” Milan smiled at Steve.

“Give me the blueberry pancakes and a glass of water.”

“Your orders will be up shortly.”

At the front, Bob rushes into the restaurant. He quickly approaches Florence.

“What happened? Why did you hang up so quickly?” Bob asked Florence.

“I’m sorry for hanging up like that, Mr. Pancakes. Everything is okay. We have two famous people who came to our restaurant.”

Bob recognized Steve Harvey. He couldn’t quite make out who the other person was from where he was standing.

“Who’s with Mr. Harvey?” Bob asks Florence.

“You know Steve Harvey?”

“Long story.”

“The other one is Chef Ramsey.”


“Yeah. He was real nice. He wasn’t using his angry voice.”

Bob was in his normal clothes and knew it wouldn’t be appropriate to greet a known chef in street clothes to a restaurant Bob owned.

“I’ll be right back. Don’t tell them I was here.”

Bob went back home across the street. He quickly changed and went into Eliza’s room.

“I know you’re trying to rest, but I have some good news. Steve Harvey is at the restaurant. And he brought a friend.”

Eliza turned around to face Bob.

“It’s Chef Gordon Ramsay. I’ve seen him on t.v. but never in person. I was wondering if you wanted to meet him, too?”

“I suppose.” Eliza replied.

Bob thought that would at least cheer her up, but it seems not. Bob assumed it’s going to be a pregnancy mood swings time.

The two headed back to the restaurant. By this time, Steve and Chef Ramsay had finished their appetizers and were on their entrée. Bob headed to the kitchen while Eliza talked to Florence. She had her game face on. She was in her happy mood self when talking to Florence.

“How’s the chef doing?” Bob asked Chef Filet.

“Are you asking about me or Chef Ramsay?” Chef Filet smirked.

“You! I’m glad you were informed who was here.”

“The siblings are good communicators. Florence has been a good hostess to the two and immediately informed me. And Milan has been taking care of them as a waiter should. He too informed me. I personally delivered their appetizers.”

“Thank you with that.” Bob said with a smile.

“I think you should go introduce yourself.”

Bob was a nervous wreck. He was uncomfortable the way it was already. He has been able to pull the poker face like Eliza just did. But meeting a professional Chef was different. Especially in a public setting. He was hoping Eliza would be his side support right now.

Bob holds his hand out to Eliza.

“Shall we?” He asks.

Eliza smiles back at Bob but doesn’t take his hand. She begins to walk in the direction of where Steve and Chef Ramsay are sitting. Bob smiled back and walked alongside her.

As the two approach the table, Chef Ramsey turns to them.

“You must be the owners.” Chef Ramsay stands up to shake hands.

Bob and Eliza give Chef Ramsay a tour of the restaurant. He was complimenting their starter restaurant and giving tips for improvements. It turned out to be a good experience. They stayed open a little longer than normal because of Chef Ramsay presence.

Afterwards, the Pancakes showed Steve and Chef Ramsey out so the staff could close up. Florence asked Eliza if she could talk to her later.

Note from the Author: Chef Gordon Ramsey can be in your story, too. In the Sims Gallery, look up Gallery ID member moliukit. You’ll find Gordon Ramsey and some other household downloads.

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  • I knew it was Chef Ramsay! Yes! I am glad that he stopped by their restaurant.4 stars is great! But, now Florence wants to talk to Eliza….and from the looks of it, she is not satisfied. Probably wants a raise. Great chapter.

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