HoP: Chapter 29


Chapter 29


Eliza hadn’t been feeling well. She thought she was sick because she was working long weeks taking care of the restaurant and then going back to work in her Painting career. But deep down she knew what it really was.

Bob took Eliza to the hospital. They went to the front desk to check her in.

“Please fill out this form and we’ll get a doctor to look at her right away.” The receptionist smiled.

Eliza filled out the paperwork as Bob paced back and forth. This was the first time that they visited the hospital from being sick. Usually it was just a typical cold or flu virus that would be taken care of with some medicine and a bit of tender loving care. But with Eliza actually vomiting and saying she needed to go to the hospital worried Bob.

Eliza finished the paperwork and handed it back to the receptionist.

The receptionist glanced at the paperwork. “Have a seat, Eliza. The doctor should be available shortly to see you.”

“Thank you.”Eliza replied.

About five to ten minutes later, a male nurse comes from around the corner.

“Eliza Pancakes?”

“That’s me.” Eliza responds.

“Please follow me.”

As they are walking down the hall, the nurse smiles at Eliza.

“My name is Springer. I’ll be helping Doctor Sunshine with the basic checkups. How are you feeling?”

“A little sick still.”

“Any pain?”

“Just stomach cramps.”

“On a scale of one to ten, with ten being unbearable pain, how are you?”

“I’d say about a four.”

“Oh, good. It shouldn’t be anything serious then.”

Eliza knew Nurse Springer didn’t read her paperwork thoroughly. If he had, he would have suggested something else. Bob trailed behind too nervous to listen in on their conversation.

When they came to a separate room, Nurse Springer asked Eliza to have a seat. He proceeded to check her vitals and draws some blood. This is when he noticed her paperwork closely. He glances at Eliza and she nods. He grabs her chart and the vial of blood.

“You two wait here and Doctor Sunshine should be here shortly.” Springer says as he smiles at her and walks towards the doorway.

“Thank you.” Eliza responds.

“Why was he smiling?” Bob asked.

“We’ll know soon.”

Bob was confused at that response, but decided Eliza knew what she was talking about or the sickness was making her a little nutty.

Another ten minutes go by and then a female doctor enters the room.

“Hello. I’m Doctor Susie Sunshine. Springer showed me your chart. The results from your blood test also came back. How are you feeling, Mrs. Pancakes? I love the last name, by the way.”

“I’m okay. Just a little morning sickness last day or two.”

“She’s been going the bathroom a lot lately, too. Whatever she has, it’s probably trying to leave her system.”

Doctor Sunshine peers quizzically at Bob and then turns to Eliza.

“He doesn’t know?” She asks Eliza.

“Know what?” Bob chimes in.

Eliza sighs and faces Bob.

“I’m pregnant.”

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To Be Continued!

Note from the Author: If you like the hospital and staff, they are available for download in the sims gallery. The hospital is created by gallery member ajr260376. The staff were created by readers of House of Pancakes. The receptionist, Grant Ryder, is created by gallery member 15aewar. The nurse, Springer Jacks, is created by EuphorialQueen. And the doctor, Susie Sunshine, is created by SoulGal 7. Now, Susie is labeled a nurse if you want to download her. She was promoted to Doctor Sunshine for my story.

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  • Confirmed my suspicions that she was preggers. Yep! Oh, and loved that Susie Sunshine got promoted to Doctor. She must have studied after hours in-between making her new “no peek em” hospital gowns. A little pancake on the way….or…maybe a short stack! lol

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