HoP: Chapter 28


Chapter 28


Eliza would be going back to her painting job today. Bob had the next two days off. Not for more vacation, but it’s his typical two days off from work. He only has a four day work week with his position.

Bob and Eliza were happy they could sleep in. By the time they woke up, the restaurant has been open for an hour already. They knew they left the restaurant in good hands with Master Chef Bob Filet.

“Do you think everything is okay at the restaurant?” Eliza asked Bob.

“If it wasn’t, our new Assistant Manager would have called. Relax, dear. Everything is going very well.” Bob replied.

“Can you do me a favor and go in and check up on them sometime today?”

“You want me to spy on our staff?” Bob chuckled.

“No! Just see how things are going.”

“Fine. I’ll have my second breakfast there in the afternoon.”

“Thank you.” Eliza said with a smile.

After Eliza went to work, Bob did his usual of lounging around. When it came around noonish, he changed clothes and headed across the street to Bob’s Breakfast.

He thought it must be ladies afternoon out when he saw three women walking to the restaurant together.

After the ladies were taken care of, Bob walks in when Florence was back behind her station.

“Oh, hi Mr. Pancakes. I thought you and Mrs. Pancakes were at your other jobs today.” Florence says hesitantly.

“Eliza is. I have today off. Tomorrow too. I’m here for my second breakfast.” Bob says as he winks at Florence.

Florence was about to lead Bob to a table when he requested a menu. He already knew what was on the menu, but he wanted to have some fun as a customer.

After Florence seats Bob, she approaches her brother, Milan, and lets him know Mr. Pancakes is there as a customer and he should be on his best behavior with him.

When Milan arrives to Bob’s table, Bob quickly starts his order.

“Hello young man. I heard the pancakes here were the bomb. I’d like to try the blueberry ones, please. And if you could, could you ask the chef for extra blueberries in the pancakes. I like my berries.”

Milan was a bit confused, but went with it. “Right away, sir. I’ll let the chef know you want extra blueberries.”

“Thank you young man.”

Milan went to the kitchen and let Chef Filet know of Bob’s appearance to the restaurant and request.

Chef Filet did as requested. Milan brought Bob’s pancakes out to him and then immediately went back to work cleaning and waiting on others.

Bob was impressed with his pancakes. He spent the next half hour enjoying them. Then he left a tip for Milan on the table with a note that read, “Please compliment the chef on this great meal!”

As Bob walked out, he told Florence to have a good day.

When Eliza came home, Bob share the news that the restaurant was in good hands.

Bob and Eliza are now three weeks into running Bob’s Breakfast restaurant. They are now also working two jobs each — their regular jobs and owners of a restaurant. This has taken a big toll on their lives. In fact, it was really getting to Eliza. She was feeling sick in the morning. She would even have to run to the bathroom a few times.

“Are you okay, dear?” Bob asked.

“I think I need to see a doctor.” Eliza replied.

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  • Uh oh! What is up with Eliza? Could it be start of a little Pancake? Hmmm….sounds like it. That was funny that Bob went in the restaurant and hammed it up. All the staff seem to be doing great in their absence. Great chapter.

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