HoP: Chapter 27


Chapter 27


The Bob’s Breakfast restaurant crew went back to work on Monday for a short day and then attended a conference to improve their skills. All five attended.

When it came to Tuesday, Bob and Eliza would use this as their last vacation days from their other jobs they had. Bob and Eliza approached Chef Filet before they opened.

“We’d like to put you in charge as Assistant Manager as well as the chef.” Eliza said to Chef Filet. “The days Bob and myself cannot help open, we’d like you to. You’re more experienced in restaurants than Florence or Milan. We’ll make sure to let them know as well that you will be in charge the days we cannot be here.”

“Thank you very much.” Chef Filet replied.

“And there will be a raise for you as well.” Eliza continued.

Eliza unlocked the doors and the restaurant was now open for day seven. An executive decision between Eliza and Bob was that it would be a weekday restaurant and closed on weekends. The rest of the staff were pleased at that.

The first customers were Eric Lewis and his wife, who wanted a kids coloring sheet. Milan had to give himself a chuckle over it, but kept his composure as much as possible. He mixed up his usual greeting a bit.

“Good morning, folks. I’m Milan your server. Bob Pancakes is here this morning, so I recommend trying his delicious pancakes.”

Eric thanked Milan for the suggestion but they were having a quick breakfast this morning. He ordered a scone and his wife ordered some yogurt.

Nancy Landgraab continues to make her visits to the restaurant. After her training tips, Florence puts on her best game face and smiles at Nancy with a friendly greeting. Eliza got rid of the table by the restrooms, so this should please Nancy somewhat.

“Good morning, Mrs. Landgraab. Happy to see you visit us today.”

Nancy was polite today. Perhaps her husband, Geoffrey, knocked some sense into the woman. Florence seated Nancy and her husband.

Bjorn Bjergsen also came back and brought his family this time.

“We’re all going to try the pancakes this morning. I’ll have the plain and the two lovely ladies with me want to try the blueberry pancakes please.” Bjorn said as he ordered.

“Great choices! Coming right up.” Milan replied.

Eliza was very happy that the restaurant was becoming a success. She’s barely done any physical advertising except for the flyers around town and a few stuffed in others’ mailboxes. If she advertises more, maybe they can fill even more seats at one sitting. This was something she would discuss with Bob. But for now, she stood back and enjoyed the scene as is.

At four o’clock, Eliza locked the doors. The current customers could finish their meals, but no new customers. They had a total of fifteen customers in the span of nine hours. This was good for their first week, but she did want to increase that count.

Bob and Eliza were getting along much better than they had before they opened the restaurant. They were a couple again. But some old habits wouldn’t die. Even though they were happier with each other, they slept in separate rooms still.

Bob’s next step was to try and get them back in the same room like they were when they first got married. They even shared the bed on opening night of the restaurant after it closed.

If Eliza could succeed in opening a business, Bob knew he could succeed in them sharing one room again.

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