HoP: Chapter 26


Chapter 26


It’s Friday and the last day of the week for Bob’s Breakfast. Eliza and Bob decided to have the staff attend a training seminar to help improve the service aspect of their restaurant.

Eliza approached Florence first.

“Good morning, Florence.” Eliza said.

“Hello.” Florence responds.

“Before we open today, I first want to tell you I’m happy to have you on board as our hostess. I overheard Nancy Landgraab yesterday and you handled it very well. I am surprised she even came back after her experience on grand opening day.”

“I’m sorry about that.”

“You did nothing wrong. It’s my fault for putting a table next to the bathrooms. I honestly wasn’t thinking myself. But we had no complaints from Bjorn yesterday. I’ll still look into changing that. Maybe Nancy will see we are taking her comments seriously and she’ll lighten up a bit. But don’t you worry about any of that.

“Anyway, I’m setting up a training class for all of us to attend, including me and Bob, on Monday after work. We’ll only be open half a day from seven in the morning to twelve afternoon. You’ll get paid for the training. I want to give you a heads up so you know ahead of time.”

Eliza thought it would be best if Bob told the guys and she would tell Florence.

Bob asks Milan to join him in the kitchen with the master chef.

“Eliza has set us up to attend a training course on Monday after work. We’ll be closing early and going together.” Bob says. “I know you two don’t want to go as much as I don’t. But this is something Eliza says we all need. We’re finishing up our first week. She wants us all to get better at our jobs.”

Bob then turns to Mr. Filet. “But we know you don’t need any. You’re getting raving reviews.”

Master chef Bob Filet cracks a smile. “No problem, Mr. Pancakes. I understand. It’s a team thing.”

“You can call me Bob.” Bob says.

Eliza unlocks the doors at 7:00am for the customers. The first one arrives shortly after she unlocks the door. Eliza stands back to let Florence greet the gentleman.

“Good morning and welcome to Bob’s Breakfast. I remember you from earlier in the week. Glad to have you back. Is it three again?”

Then Katrina Caliente arrives and waves to the gentleman.

“Just two.” The gentleman says with shifty eyes.

Florence leads the two to the table by the bathroom. Although she had the talk with Eliza earlier about having a seat there was a bad idea, she sat them there anyway. She had her judging pants on and assumed this guy was cheating on his wife. She tried not to let it show on her face, though.

Customers were nicely flowing in, so Milan quickly grabbed his notepad and started his rounds. He too noticed the gentleman was with someone else. And she was pretty. He tried not to smirk when taking their orders. Unlike Florence, he did not greet him as if he recognized the man from the other day even though he did. And he had a family with him.

As Florence looked up from her computer, she saw Bella Goth standing in front of her. Florence almost fainted. The Goth family were well known around Willow Creek.

“Oh, hello….I mean good morning, Mrs. Goth.” Florence flubbed.

“Good morning… Florence.” Bella responded as she moved in closer to read the nametag on Florence’s shirt.

Her son, Alexander, soon came rushing in. Florence immediately seated the two opposite side of the restrooms. Milan noticed them as well and quickly took their order. He mentioned to the master chef that the Goths were in the restaurant. So, Bob Filet made their breakfast next.

Eliza overheard this and told Milan she would take over that table.

As Eliza arrived, she smiled and greeted Bella and Alexander.

“A croissant and water for you Bella. And this handsome young guy I have an onion bagel and iced tea.”

Eliza did small chat and then left so they could eat their brunch. It was a little after 12:00pm.

4:00pm came around fast. Eliza locked up the doors and the team cleaned up. Eliza told the three to have a great weekend and she’ll see them bright and early Monday morning.

Bob decided to make himself and Eliza dinner at the restaurant. He had been in the kitchen all day with Mr. Filet. As he was cooking, Eliza joined him with a smile on her face.

“I heard we ended the week with a visit from the Goth’s.” Bob said to Eliza. “Why don’t you tell me all about it!”

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