HoP: Chapter 25


Chapter 25


Bob’s Breakfast restaurant was not just a dream anymore for Bob and Eliza Pancakes. They just had their grand opening with much success and perhaps a downfall.

It was now day two at Bob’s Breakfast. It was about the same procedures as it was on opening day, but this time Bob and Eliza uniformed their outfit instead of the business tycoon looks.

Eliza was hoping for special people to show up yesterday. She wished perhaps Steve Harvey would have made an appearance or some of her new friends who built the restaurant. However, she was happy of the results at closing time.

Eliza unlocked the doors at 7:00am. And like the day before, the first customers don’t arrive until around 7:30am.

It looks like a mother and daughter breakfast morning. Florence greets the two. Eliza notices Mr. Bjergsen and approaches him.

“Good morning!” Eliza says to Bjorn.

“Morning, Eliza.” He replies. “I heard about you and Bob opening a restaurant. I had to come check it out.”

“Is the wife and kids coming?” Eliza asks.

“Not this morning. I have a meeting with Moira about the Garden Gnomes club. I thought it would be nice to have it here.”

Soon after Moira enters and greets both Bjorn and Eliza. Eliza shows them to their table personally.

“Our waiter, Milan, will be with you shortly.” Eliza says with a smile.

Eliza approaches Milan and tells him to take good care of Bjorn and his guest. Milan approaches their table.

“Good morning! Welcome to Bob’s Breakfast. My name is Milan and I’ll be your waiter this morning. What can I get you two this morning? I do recommend the pancakes. We have plain, blueberry, orange, and potato if you’d like to try them out. Mr. Pancakes and our Master Chef will delight you with them if you give it a try.”

“I’ll just have a scone and orange juice, please.” comments Bjorn.

“And I’ll try the fruit salad with a cup of mocha.” Moira said.

Nancy Landgraab returned the next day as well. Yesterday she was not pleased and she brought her husband this time. Florence treated them with kindness and yet Nancy had to be her sarcastic self.

“Oh, good. We’re not outside the bathroom door this time. Maybe my food won’t taste like toilet this time.” Nancy quietly says, but loud enough for Florence to hear.

Geoffrey Landgraab, Nancy’s husband, moves closer to Florence.

“Don’t mind her. She’s always cranky in the morning.”

“Come sit, Geoffrey. You’ve got a great view of the bathroom for yourself.” Nancy chimes in.

Despite how Nancy acted, Geoffrey made sure she behaved herself the rest of her visit.

The day ended with eleven customers and a little better than the grand opening day. The next few days were average as well. It was getting to be the end of the week when it would be evaluation time.

It was now Friday. Eliza decided this would be the last day of the week and allow the staff to have the weekend off. She sat with Bob bright and early at their dining room table.

“Can we talk about the staff?” Eliza asked Bob.

“Sure.” Bob replied.

“I want to say you’re right about Bob Filet. We’ve been having a lot of good feedback about the food. Everyone is enjoying it.”

“You doubted me? I told you I wanted Bob! And I got Bob!”

“Yeah, yeah. However, our biggest complaint is the service. I’ve watched Florence and Milan. They’re good when they approach the guest but otherwise, they seem a bit lazy. They did really great on the grand opening day, but their non-busy time they aren’t doing much and it shows to the customers. They should be interacting more.”

“How do you want to whip them into shape?” Bob asked with a smirk on his face.

“Well, I heard there are restaurant employee training seminars and I’d like to send them to one. We’d pay for it.” Eliza replied in a serious tone. “And I know Mr. Filet is doing a wonderful job, I’d like to send him as well just to make it more work fairness. Maybe we could even go.”

“Field trip.” Bob commented.

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  • Oh, the staff are going for training! Cool. I didn’t know they had that in restaurants. So thankful that Nancy Landgraab at least gave you a 3 today. Yeah!

    • Yes. You can send your employees for training. I’m storytelling it slightly different just so readers who do play know I am having them trained.

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