HoP: Chapter 24


Chapter 24


Seven o’clock in the morning. Across the street from the Pancakes home sits a restaurant. A restaurant ready to serve breakfast. A restaurant opening its doors for the first time. A restaurant waiting for its first customer to step through its doors.

Their first customer doesn’t arrive until around seven-thirty.

A young gentleman walks in. Bob and Eliza greet him and welcomes him to Bob’s Breakfast. She gestures him to Florence for seating. She too greets him.

“Welcome to Bob’s Breakfast’s Grand Opening day. My name is Florence. Will it just be you this morning?”

“Thank you. This place looks great. For two, please. My other person is on their way.” He replied.

As soon as the gentleman’s other party member arrived, Florence took them to their seat.

As Milan approached the table, he recognized the woman. Her name was Nancy Landgraab. She was the queen B of Oasis Springs. And by the looks of her face this was going to be a long day.

“Welcome to Bob’s Breakfast. My name is Milan and I’ll be your waiter. Is there anything I can get you two to start off with?” Milan politely asked.

“Speedier service.” Nancy replied.

Nancy flipped through the menu.

“I’ll also have a bowl of yogurt and coffee.”

“I’ll have a croissant and orange juice, please.” The gentleman said.

Milan wrote the order down and delivered it to Chef Filet.

Florence had seated two more rounds of people in that time. A couple and a family of three. Milan was on top of his game.

Nancy and her gentleman companion were served their breakfast.

When Milan was talking to Chef Filet about the order for the family of three, Eliza walks into the kitchen.

“I think we had our first bad customer.” Eliza said.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Pancakes. I hope I didn’t do anything wrong.” Milan said with a frown.

“It’s okay. We’re not going to please everyone. I am just surprised it was one of our first customers. They didn’t even eat their breakfast.” Eliza said.

“What?” Chef Filet asked with wide eyes. “They didn’t like my meal?”

“I’m not sure. The person she was with ate theirs.”

“Oh…” Milan started.

“Was it Nancy Landgraab?” Milan asked.

Milan explained the situation to Eliza. That she was moody the moment she walked in and wasn’t pleasant at all.

The family of three that came in earlier decided to try Bob’s famous pancakes. He had already prepared the batter mix for Chef Filet earlier that morning. When their meal was over, they were left satisfied.

As the morning turned into afternoon, more customers were trickling in.

The couple that came in that were next to Nancy’s table were more than satisfied with their meal. Which they also ordered some of Bob’s pancakes.

Many other guests also ordered pancakes from the menu. They were the biggest hit for the grand opening.

When it was four o’clock, it was time to close the restaurant. They waited for the rest of the customers to clear out before Eliza locked the doors.

Everyone helped clean up. Chef Filet and Bob cleaned the kitchen. Florence wiped down tables. Milan and Eliza washed the dishes. After, the three were allowed to clock out.

“You three did a good job on our first day.” Eliza said. “We had eleven customers total. Bob’s pancakes were the hit of today. Let’s keep that going. At the end of the week, we’ll evaluate and see where we need improvement. Now you three go home and see you early tomorrow morning.”

Eliza went over to Florence’s hostess station and emptied her till. They made §634.00 in sales that day. She calculated out the cost for wages, food, and other miscellaneous. Final total came to §145.00 in net profit for the day.

As Eliza was calculating costs, Bob was busy in the kitchen cooking dinner for the two. He made them Spinach Frittata. He kept other foods in the refrigerator for purposes like this.

“So?” Bob began. “How did we do?”

“It’s a start. One bad customer today. But it wasn’t anyone’s fault. The customer was in a bad mood when they entered. Everyone seemed to enjoy your pancakes.”

“Of course they did. The two Bobs at work, there’s no dish we can’t satisfy people with.”

“Except yogurt.” Eliza chuckled.

“What?” Bob asked in confusion.


After dinner and cleaning up the restaurant for the next day, the two headed home.

Bob and Eliza continued their celebration of their grand opening.

Note from the Author: The actual challenge is now underway. I have to maintain a 3.5 star rating to move to the next restaurant. I also have to max out all employee skills before opening the next town’s restaurant as well. Below is the standings so far for the first restaurant. Every chapter from this point on will display current standings at the bottom. They will look similar to what is below but without the ‘Note from the Author’ tag to it.

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  • And they are off to a great start! Ah well, Nancy Landgraab is a PIB (pain in the butt) anyway. She has such high standards. Who can even meet them? Love the story. And I see that Eliza and Bob were celebrating their opening day in their own way! *chuckle*

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