#BuildNewcrest: Day 5

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 5 (Household Income: §4,119)

I slept in an extra hour today because I’m going to work from home. Never worked from home before so it’s a new experience.

I call in ahead of time letting my work know I’ll be working from home today. I’ll let you know what they said later after I do my gardening.

Checking out my flowers, they are still growing. Taking longer than I expected. Was hoping I could do something more. They look to be in really good condition. I may have to harvest some tomorrow and replant so this becomes a larger garden.

While I eat breakfast, I’ll fill you in on what work told me. They said I needed to visit the Spice Market in San Myshuno. I told them as part of my agreement with Newcrest, I can’t leave my land. I can visit Granite Falls if they need me on assignment there. They didn’t. Then they told me I really need to focus if I want to keep this job. The upper ranked people like me, so I’m not worried about today. Maybe jogl do some social media stuff online.

I head out for my morning jog. I can take my time today, which will be pleasant.

And I can take a longer soak time in the tub.

But now I need to figure out what to do for work to impress them somewhat. I didn’t really plan to use this as a day off.

I didn’t plan on staying up so late last night, but hanging out with Cathy and Clare was great. Especially with Clare. I think she likes me as much as I like her. And our work schedule sort of matches. We both have the weekends off. Today is Thursday, so maybe I could plan something for Saturday.

But, back to work. I decide to go online and chat with other sims from San Myshuno and get their opinions about the Spice Market. Brilliance, Joseph!

After all that chatting, now it’s lunch time. After changing, I head over to the grill near the jungle gym. I like eating there.

There were some folks already picnicking there and I asked if I could join them. They offered me a hot dog.

This one gentleman in a blue shirt was going off about vampires. Said he saw one or something. I wonder if he sees werewolves, too. I think he watches too much science fiction.

The kid sitting next to me was enjoying the conversation. Of course he would. He’s just a child.

The other guy sitting with us just listened and ate. Just like me.

When I finished eating lunch, I thanked all three for the company and headed back to my lot.

On my way back, I met this other woman just staring off into space. I approached her and she seemed to notice me. I waved, she waved back. We chatted for a little bit. I find out her name is July, like the month. And guess what? She’s also part of the Page Turner Club along with Cathy and Clare.

Side Note: As I am not controlling any sim but Joseph at this point in time, I find it amusing and entertaining that these three sim selfies from the Sims Community are all in the same Club. And that Club has to do with reading. Shout out to my The Sims 4 Stories and Legacies friends!

She’s unemployed at the moment and isn’t looking because she doesn’t want to. But she is fun to talk to. I think we talked for over an hour before she decided to walk away. So I headed home.

I make a decision, I need to move a bit more faster on my gardening skills, so I harvest what I can so I can replant more of the same flowers. Perhaps I can also learn some gardening techniques online.

I go ahead and rearrange the flowers so I can plant the others I just harvested. It takes me about the rest of the late afternoon to mid evening. And this watering made me have to pee.

After relieving my bodily fluids, I’ll update my social media status. I’d like to see what people said about my last night’s status.

It seems I’m constantly gaining followers. That’s a good sign.

The gardening really wore me out and I’m really not all that hungry. So I think I’ll call it a night.

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2 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 5”

  • Uh Oh! Vampires? You better wear some turtlenecks! Lots of free food in the park. I hope that your boss doesn’t fire you for not going to the Spice Market. Sheesh…they expect so much!

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