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anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor


virtual people with moods that need to be controlled and desires that need to be satisfied

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Day 7: Stop The Infection

The weekend has arrived and I get to spend it away from the military base. I’m actually surprised they let me having the weekend off with all that has happened. But they also know what my mom is going through and maybe they have some compassion in them to allow me to try and take […]

#BuildNewcrest: Day 96

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 3: Angel Simself Day 96 (Household Income: §60,156) SUMMER (Day 19 of 28) Good morning! Another day closer to graduating high school and becoming a young adult. At breakfast, mom reminds us that today is the day that dad ages up. His gray hair is going to show soon. I can’t […]

Day 6: The Bloom Begins

We walk out of the lab together ready to part ways when we noticed it was not normal looking outside. The sky was an eerie color. I look at Joie and she returns the look with a very concerned look. What have we done? I look at my watch and it’s around 2:30 in the […]

#BuildNewcrest: Day 95

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 3: Angel Simself Day 95 (Household Income: §59,297) SUMMER (Day 18 of 28) Good morning! I can’t believe I’ll be a young adult in only a few days. At breakfast, mom says she’s proud of the young man I am becoming. She goes on about how time has flown and it […]