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anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor


virtual people with moods that need to be controlled and desires that need to be satisfied

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1.12: The Lottery

I still want Reese to try and win at one of the Karaoke Contests, but I really do think he needs to improve his Singing skills a lot. And he needs to practice more than just at a karaoke machine. Now, when he takes a shower for when his Hygiene Need is low, he can […]

1.11: Karaoke Contest

Okay, this cracked me up. Electronic Arts came out with a Patch Update today (September 21, 2021) when I loaded up the game. The Sims 4 fix had to do with career outfits. So as Reese was about to go to work, he changed into the above outfit. I guess with Social Media, any outfit […]

1.10: Humor and Hijinks Festival

(As I was looking at the in-game calendar, I saw how close it was getting to Reese’s Aging-Up Day. Before the Reboot, I had lifespan on Long. After Generation 1, it felt like it was getting to be too long, so for the Reboot, I changed it to Normal. I feel this is too short. […]

1.09: Prank Day

The weekend has arrived. Reese doesn’t work on Saturdays or Sundays as of yet. He’s been working from home the past few days and come Monday, he’ll go back to the workplace to get work done. For now, Reese completes a whim to Prepare Pancakes (From Cooking Skill). Today was a rainy day, so Reese […]