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anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor


virtual people with moods that need to be controlled and desires that need to be satisfied

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1.38: Spica Ages Up

Now that Levi has achieved his dream Aspiration of becoming a Painter Extraordinaire, the timeline is moved forward for a good period. Levi has started working out to take off some of the belly fat that he made during his wife’s pregnancies. The whole family is eating healthier foods. As I want readers to see […]

1.37: Painter Extraordinaire

It’s time for another Surrealism painting. Levi is going big this time. Well, large for his canvas painting. He tries the cowplant again. He’s painted that once before. But this time he’s perfected it. This one becomes a masterpiece. Yes! A masterpiece. His final one needed. And he’s also reached level 10 in his Painting […]

1.36: Surreal

It’s time for Levi to pick a style of painting to increase his odds on creating masterpieces. I’ve really liked his Surrealism paintings, so that is going to be his style. My only concern is that he’ll paint the same ones over again once there’s no new ones to paint. But crossing fingers that he’ll […]

1.35: Conspiracy Theory

I did a little investigating on getting Levi to do some masterpieces. He’s still got a lot of time as Founder, but I want him to move smoothly in his passion and career. This way he can spend some quality time with his new family and keep up the pace of working. I dug through […]