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virtual people with moods that need to be controlled and desires that need to be satisfied

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1.30: Night On The Town

Around 1:30-ish in the morning, Ike is woken up from a scary noise and thinks there is a monster under the bed. This of course wakes up Irwin. Because Ike is freaking out, Irwin is also getting scared. Poor Ike doesn’t want to turn around and actually look under the bed. Naturally, they had to […]

1.29: Irwin & Ike Age Up

Today’s the in-game day for the twins, Irwin and Ike, to leave toddlerhood and become the child lifestage. Because the two are so young and they didn’t make any other toddler friends, Reese will throw an aging up party for the two with family only. Uncle Kurt will be invited. Readers will also get to […]

1.28: All In A Day’s Work

We skip over the weekend. I pretty much had Reese and Elizabeth help the twins with their skills. Before Irwin and Ike age up to the Child lifestage, I’ll share how they ended with their toddler skills at that point. I also had Reese work on some of his whims so he can use Aspiration […]

1.27: The Nanny

Kurt’s bedroom turned into a twins toddler bedroom. Two little beds, some toys, a doll house, and a large stuffed animal were added. This should help increase their toddler traits on their own and when I need to give them pushes while Reese is away at work. A tablet was also set up on the […]